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Eidolons: Netherflame is a turn-based roguelike RPG currently developed by EiDemiurge. Eidolons will feature a fully explored world map with dungeons and places of interest.

In Eidolons, we can choose from different combinable classes like knight, fighter, squire, scout, rogue (these are the classes available in the playable demo). When we explore a dungeon, we move our avatar on a grid-based map and when we meet an enemy, our turn will alternate with his.

It will have a profound system of character creation and over 20 spell schools, 10 combinable basic classes, and 50 skill trees. I follow with great interest the development because I am fascinated by the style and the ideas that are at the base of Eidolons and I’m in love with the very inspired world map.

Some features of the game:

  • Innovative ATB (turn-based) combat with unique mechanics and gritty realistic rules
  • Crazy-Deep and Flexible Hero Customization
  • Great replayability value in Fugue mode on the global Adventure Map
  • Unique companions that follow your Orders (or don’t) in their own ways, just like real ones would
  • Advanced Visibility system that makes you take lighting seriously, as it can be your ally or foe in the predatory game of stealth and survival.
  • Choose from among 20 Backgrounds, lowly or noble-born, human or dwarf, half-elf or Returned.
  • High Fantasy meets Eldritch Horror!
  • Open-world with just the essentials – main hero, his progression, his party, their rise, and survival; no item-hoarding, romance or cat-saving quests. Eidolons offer a high-level play – the game only gives you big decisions to make, and the consequences are equally noteworthy.

The release of Eidolons: Netherflame is scheduled for fall 2019. In the meanwhile, you can try a closed beta version that you can download here.

Below you will find a video gameplay. Read my other overviews to find out some interesting turn-based games.


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