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Monster Sanctuary Turn-based Rpg

Monster Sanctuary mixes platform elements with those of the classic turn-based RPG and does it with style. We tried the demo, and we had a lot of fun. This is our overview of the game.

Monster Sanctuary

Background Story

In Monster Sanctuary we will dress a monster keeper who will have to deal with taming and fighting various monsters. During the process of growth, the protagonist will face a series of events that will lead him to fight to save Monster Sanctuary and the peace that reigns between monsters and humans.


Before starting our adventure, we will have to choose first of all our spectral familiars (our starter pet). Once named our faithful creature, we will begin the adventure that will show us the mechanics of the game with a series of tutorials. As said at the beginning, Monster Sanctuary is presented as a turn-based RPG with the exploration phase inspired by games like Metroid, Castlevania etc.

During the exploration phase, we will guide our hero far and wide through the world map. Many paths will only be unlocked after obtaining the necessary items or by using our creatures’ out-of-combat skills. In fact, each monster will have abilities that will allow us to reach, for example, high points, destroy walls, burn weeds, etc. Returning to the aspects of pure turn-based RPG, each creature will have its own characteristics like HP, MP, magic attacks, physic attacks and resistances and weaknesses to particular elements (earth – water – fire – air) and will gain experience through battles.

The battles in Monster Sanctuary will start when we get in touch with monsters on the map, thus excluding random encounters. Once you have touched the enemies, a screen will appear where we will see the enemy formation with strengths and weaknesses so we can choose our formation of creatures (max 3 creatures) that will be more appropriate for that particular encounter.

Choosing the right formation before a battle will be essential.

Each of our creatures can perform various actions like: use magical and physical abilities, attack, defend and use objects. At each turn, we will be free to decide the order of execution of our 3 units. It will be very important to choose the right order to make the most out of the combo system.

Each skill consumes MP which is then gradually restored each turn. At the end of each battle, there will be an evaluation of the battle, which will influence the loot we will receive. Among the objects obtainable, in addition to the classic consumables, we can obtain eggs that will allow us to get new monsters or even items dedicated to crafting.

In addition to the items, each monster will receive experience that will allow him to increase his characteristics and develop his own skill tree, unique for each monster. To increase the characteristics of our creatures we can also equip them with weapons and accessories or feed them with particular items.

Key Features:

  • Strategical turn-based combat
  • Every monster has a unique skill tree. This lets you individualize your monster to pursue different strategies
  • Feeding and equipping your monsters to improve their stats further emphasizes this aspect
  • A combo system that gives additional depth to the combat
  • Combat ratings that emphasize efficient combat completion
  • Using monster abilities to unlock new areas

About the developer

Monster sanctuary started off as a free time project in 2015 and launched into full-time development in 2018 by Denis Sinner. Denis Sinner is an experienced developer who has worked in the past on games like Might and Magic and Tropico. Helped by his brother Anton, for everything related to the game-story and the texts of the game.

Release date

Monster Sanctuary is actually in developing with a successful Kickstarter campaign underway that has already achieved several pre-set goals. A beta version is set for early 2019 but the full release will be out on 2020. Actually, you can download through steam a demo with 2+ hours of gameplay. To learn more about Monster Sanctuary you can visit their official website. If you are looking for other promising turn-based games have a look at my list of overviews.


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