Conglomerate 451 – Overview

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Conglomerate 451

Cyberpunk atmosphere, dungeon crawlings, researching new technologies, permadeath, and turn-based fights. Let’s talk about Conglomerate 451 by the Italian Indie studio RuneHeads.

Conglomerate 451
Team management that looks very inspired by Xcom series

Background Story

You are the CEO of a Special Agency, instructed by the Senate of Conglomerate city to restore the order in sector 451, where corrupted corporations have established their turfs. Thanks to the last constitutional decree, you are allowed to create human clones.


Conglomerate 451 is a first-person dungeon-crawler set in a futuristic city. The movements take place on grid-based maps as for the classic dungeon crawlers such as Legend of Grimrock and others. Once engaged by enemies, the fightings are turn-based where we can choose to hit different parts of an enemy body. Rich in roguelike elements as procedurally generated dungeons, random missions and the permadeath of our soldiers.

Conglomerate 451
During combats we can decide to hit a certain part of the enemy’s body.

We are at the head of this organization that must restore order in the Conglomerate 451, and to do this we will have an army of clones at our disposal, which will increase their skills through experience, by researching new technologies and through the cyber limbs implanting.

Conglomerate 451
We can increase our soldiers abilities by implanting cyber limbs.

Key Features

  • Manage your resources – Make use of your own personal R&D department to research advanced technology, unlocking new features, powers, and options for progression
  • More than just body mods – In addition to upgrading weapon and armor proficiencies, augment your body with interchangeable cyber implants that completely change your agent’s skills and utility
  • Pain and Trauma system – Even the smallest wounds can have a lasting impact. By taking damage in combat, agents risk generating permanent Traumas that will follow them between missions
  • Procedural cyber dungeons – Experience the dungeon crawling you love, mixed with future technology as you take on procedurally-generated dungeons and missions
  • If you die in the game… – Each mission could be your last thanks to agent permadeath. Consider every move, because if an agent dies in battle, they will be lost forever
  • Hack the world – Enter cyberspace mid-mission and hack your way ahead of the competition to get crucial intel and give yourself the advantage
Conglomerate 451

About developer


RuneHeads is an indie Italian developer. Their first title was Fall of Light, an action dungeon-crawler inspired by Dark Souls.

Release date & platforms

Conglomerate 451 is developed for PC but actually, there’s not a release date yet, but soon we can get our hands on an early access version, while the full release will be out 6-8 months later.

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