Days of Doom

Atari’s New Title is a Tactical Roguelite Called Days of Doom

Marcello TBL

Today, Atari, one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers, unveiled its latest original game, Days ...

Sky Oceans Wings For Hire

Classic JRPG Homage Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire set for Launch on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X & Nintendo Switch

Marcello TBL

PQube and Octeto Studios have excitedly announced the upcoming release of the classic JRPG-inspired Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire on ...

Revival: recolonization

A New 4X Strategy Game Arrives Next Month

Marcello TBL

HeroCraft PC is thrilled to announce an epic crossover between the action-packed hit game Atomic Heart and the post-apocalyptic 4X ...

Jagged Alliance 3

Tactical Strategy RPG Jagged Alliance 3 Has a Release Date

Marcello TBL

Jagged Alliance, known as one of the genre’s legendary pioneers, is returning with Jagged Alliance 3. Developed by Haemimont Games ...

Project Witchstone

Divinity-Inspired Tactical RPG Project Witchstone Back on Track

Marcello TBL

In 2019, we talked about it, but then it seemed to vanish without a trace. However, exciting updates on the ...

Project NB

A new Open-World Turn-Based MMORPG Announced

Marcello TBL

BlackStorm, a Korean game developer, has recently announced two projects: Project XT and Project NB. Composed of experienced developers who ...

Star Vaders Roguelite

Space Invaders meets Slay the Spire and Into the Breach in Roguelite Star★Vaders

Marcello TBL

Star★Vaders, a cutting-edge, futuristic roguelike deckbuilder, has revolutionized the classic game Space Invaders with its latest tactical upgrade. Developed by ...

Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3 Release Window & Collector Edition Unveiled

Marcello TBL

With an update through the Steam Page, THQ Nordic and Haemimont Games have unveiled Jagged Alliance 3 information about the ...

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Release date on PS4 & XBOX and Switch Version Cancelled

Marcello TBL

2K and Marvel Entertainment just dropped the bomb that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Marvel’s Midnight Suns are ...

For The King II

Get Ready for the Open Beta of Tactical Roguelite For The King II

Marcello TBL

Indie development team IronOak Games has announced that sign-ups for the For The King II Closed Beta are now open. ...